A Highland mystery
James and his friend Alec have been invited to a house party in the Highlands prior to a walking holiday. The unexpected death of one of the guest puts paid to their plans, all the more so when James discovers it may not have been an accident ...
Inspired by a particularly vivid dream, my fictional debut is a tribute to the Golden Age of detective fiction, though it disregards as many of its conventions as it obeys. While my narrative is nowhere near as intricate as Agatha Christie wrote, I find too often that her characters are cyphers who exist only to serve the plot and thus decided mine should have room to breathe - including references to sex and alcohol!
The first two chapters are available to download for free by way of a preview. As creative writing is a new venture for me (if you disregard a historical novel I began in my late teens and never finished), feedback is especially welcome, be it by email or a tweet.
A Highland mystery is the first in what will be a trilogy - volume two, Exit, pursued by a bear is due out in late 2015.